Do's & Don'ts of Giving & Receiving Constructive Criticism

Although managers and leaders of companies spanning every size need to understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback, the ability to give and receive constructive criticism is even more important in entrepreneurship. In the early stages of a company, there is little room for error and the dynamics of a team must be structured accordingly.

Building a new company offers the unique opportunity to influence the values that will be implanted in the minds of all new hires. It’s important to discuss the importance of a feedback loop with your team because otherwise, they might think your criticism is abrasive. It is also important to be open-minded and actually seek criticism from your team and even troubleshoot solutions.

In this visual from GetVoIP, you will learn how to give and receive criticism that is actually constructive. It may be difficult to scrutinize your team at first, but if you offer feedback that your team can internalize and put into action you will become a more effective leader.  

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