4 Ways to Maximize Your Energy and Results

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by Chris Atley

Here are 4 ways for you to maximize your energy and your results :)

So how does one go about getting into this energy my mortgage broker was talking about?Well, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

1. Adapting the belief that there is an unlimited universe, God, Source, Light, Higher Power, Divine energy (whatever your belief system is on this), is there to support you, nourish you and GUIDE you. If you’re having trouble believing this, then adapt someone else’s belief in it. Who do you know that believes this unconditionally and is living their life by it? Believe in their belief in it until you do too.

2. Know that the ego will try to throw you off and pull you into a negative energy. The ego is thought system that tells us we are not good enough, smart enough and basically unlovable at the core. It’s where guilt, shame, blame and fear live. It is not real, but it sure does feel that way. We are all connected and from that same, diving loving energy. We are love and we are powerful, creative beings. Becoming aware of the ego and it’s sneakiness will help you tremendously so that you can catch-it, shine a light on it and move around it – notice I didn’t say through it – and that’s because you can just choose to focus on loving thoughts instead. It can be that easy.

3. There are only two kinds of energy; love and fear. Source is love and the ego is fear. We can choose how we want to operate in every second of every day and with every decision. The ego will give you a run for your money and that’s why having the awareness is key.

It’s okay if you slip into fear. It will We are still humans having human experiences. Operating out of love and in love is the ultimate form of enlightenment. If we judge ourselves or beat ourselves up, we’re right back in our ego again. The more we can accept how we’re feeling, allow ourselves to process it, the more we are actually operating out of love. Love for ourselves, for those around us and this is the ultimate healing.

4. Something I love to do every day, is to ask how I can GIVE and RECEIVE love that day. It might be something that pops up in my company or it might be something to do with my kids. I had the honour to take Ella (our 6 year old) to the orthodontist the other day for her first visit ever. Yes it cut into my work time, and in the past this would have driven me crazy and created a lot of anxiety around not having enough time. That was because I was living in fear – fear around finances, and caught in an ego trap. This time was different, and I was able to be fully present with her. We had a great time in the waiting room and I was able to hold her hand later when she had a little procedure done. She was so brave and so was I when I saw her in pain. I felt such a strong connection to her and was so happy I could be there for her in that moment. There was no anxiety around time, no worrying, and just giving and receiving love.

Being in the moment and being grateful sets the stage for all of the good waiting to come into our lives. It just can’t get through to us if we live in fear.

I love you lots and hope this article in some way provides a sense of peace and the ability to finally cut yourself a break xo

Written by Success Speaker & Coach Chris Atley, CEO of Chris Atley LLC ~ Decisions by Design. For complimentary success tips for business and life, please visit www.chrisatley.com.

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