"How to Use the Power of Sales Funnels to Book 5-10 Discovery Calls Every Week" with Reelika Schulte on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #467

During this conversation, Reelika shares:

  • what is a sales funnel 
  • how to get started and what do you need to analyze in order to make sure you can book the calls 

Reelika Schulte is an international business coach with honors degree in business, and the founder of Design Dream Lifestyle, where she teaches women from around the world how to use their life experiences to launch their own thriving online coaching business.

Growing up in Estonia, Reelika developed an entrepreneurial mindset after watching her parents start their own business after the fall of the Soviet Union. After working in her parents’ business and also in corporate finance for 10+ years, and running a personal finance blog, Reelika became an expert in balancing the personal and professional. She uses this business background and online savvy to encourage other women in the online coaching field and to expand their reach through sales funnels, conversions, lead generation, and passive revenue methods.

Her work has appeared in publications like Forbes, Shining Mentor Magazine, and The Huffington Post. She loves to speak about finding clients through automated marketing, creating signature coaching programs that sell, and building evergreen global coaching businesses.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband and her son.


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