How She Does It: Olga Frunze, Founder Organation Skin Care

Olga Frunze, Founder of the Skin Care Company, "Organation."

How technology is transforming the cosmetics industry.

Olga Frunze is the founder of the personalized skin care company welcoming digital technology and innovation which will make shopping more personal to customers.

With a degree in chemistry, Olga set out to produce top-of-the-line facial creams that are tailor-made for each user’s particular skin type, skin problems, and personal preferences.

Clients visit the Organation website where they fill out a short questionnaire. The answers are analyzed and provide insight into the person’s unique skin care needs. The process enables a customized skin care product to be created that targets the exact skin issues of the person. Each product is as unique as the client.

The roots of Olga stretch all the way back to her homeland of Russia. In many ways, her unique story is an inspiration for immigrants who are seeking the hallmark American dream. Olga is not a novice in the business world. Before immigrating to the U.S., she was the co-owner and development director for Fresco Freddo Ice Cream. The Russian company is made up of 20 cafes located in six cities. They produce tons of premium ice cream per month.

Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Olga. Please share with us how you got started as an entrepreneur.

Olga Frunze: It's nice to be here, Deb. I came to the United States from Russia, where I had experienced success in the food industry, but it was challenging to be an immigrant, and it was also arduous to find a niche business. As an immigrant, it is difficult to find yourself and form a company. The rules and the approach in the U.S. are both very different from those in Russia. The doors open slowly because no one knows you. Doing business in the U.S. and Russia are very divergent things, which is why I decided to expand my education and attend Portland State University.

Deb: What inspires you to do the work you do?

Olga: I am a chemist by profession who specializes in the cosmetic and food industry. This is why I started Fresco Freddo Ice Cream in Russia. However, I have always been a big fan of skincare, so after immigrating to the U.S., I focused on creating the skin care company, Organation. All of the ingredients used in the skin creams are sourced locally from organic Pacific Northwestern farms. The products we offer contain everything from hemp to lavender.

At Organation, we form a personal relationship with the farmers who produce our ingredients. I visit the farms and speak with the growers to gather new ideas and information about the various crops. My vision is to see people truly embrace the concept of skincare so that loving their skin becomes exciting and fulfilling.

With the creation of, Organation, an intelligent property algorithm was set up on the website that lets clients answer a set of essential questions so we can determine their skin’s needs and select the natural ingredients to customize the product. In essence, the client works with us to create their very own skin care cream that meets their individual needs.

Deb: I love the idea of the client helping to create their own product. What is your vision for your business?

Olga: There are undeniably good things ahead. The skin care products created by Organation truly help clients focus on their skin’s own needs, so their skin thrives and looks luminescent. What sets our company apart from other businesses is two key factors: customization and personalization. Organation has a proprietary algorithm, software and patented machine for customization at hand. A brilliant team of engineers provide tools to be able to create a uniquely customized product for each of our customers.

The company statement, “we empower you to create a unique product that is right for you,” is correct. We want to work with each client to provide a superior made-to-order product that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Deb: That sounds wonderful, Olga. Thanks for stopping by. Please share your website and social media URLs.

Olga: Thanks, Deb!

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