My Laptop Lifestyle and Me

by Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Being an international coach and entrepreneur is one of the best decisions I ever made and enables me to work from anywhere - quite literally!

In fact, it’s my laptop lifestyle that has given me the freedom and flexibility to work where I want and when I want, and it’s why I’m encouraging more women to do the same.

With my husband working from home too and our daughter going to a Montessori School from 8am and home by 1pm, we are often on the beach all together in the afternoons.

We’ve created a lifestyle with remote working that allows us to leverage the US $ and live in South Africa. It’s currently R15 to $1 which allows us to live in a lovely big house 30 seconds from the beach!

My husband helps me with creating videos and personal branding shoots that I can use for my brand. It’s a win-win for both of us. We’ve visited 25 countries so far, lived in the UK for 12.5 years then lived in The Turks & Caicos Islands for 2.5 years. Now we’re based in South Africa, but we’re looking at doing some further traveling again in 2019!

I never want to get stuck in the “rat-race” again. I did my time in London, commuting 1.5 hrs to and from agencies as a freelancer retoucher. I learned a lot during those years but the hustle and bustle, busy city-life is not for us as a family!

I now run a coaching and training business helping creative business owners Confidently go from expert entrepreneur to money-making mentor. I’m able to do Skype sessions from anywhere with good wifi. Moving from service-based offerings like social media management (yep, I had an agency too!) into coaching/ consulting has allowed me to gain major leverage of both my time and earning capacity.

Top 5 tips:

Get clear on who exactly you want to serve. I get all my clients to create a Brand Hero (credit: Jonah Sacks from Winning The Story Wars). Once you’ve gone deep into who you want to work with, you’ll know how to write copy that attracts them and create a brand that speaks directly to them.

Create one main Signature Offer that’s preferably a high-ticket price point. Remember, it’s just as hard to sell low priced packages or programs than it is selling high-priced. It seems counter-intuitive but it’s so true!

Get super visible. Posting inspirational quotes by Mandela and Gandhi isn’t going to cut it these days! People need to know that you have an opinion and that you’re the expert. Show them that you’ve got the goods but showing up on Livestream and giving lots of valuable content. Get the to the point quickly. People don’t have time to waste anymore.

Create a personal brand. The stakes are higher these days. The barrier to entry is low in the online world so you need to make the effort to stand out and show the world you mean business. Once you’ve brought in enough income invest in a branding and web designer, good photographs and possibly a brand video. All of these things will elevate you and your brand and you’ll be able to charge higher prices for your services.

Keep going! You have to be in it for the long game. Business takes time. It requires consistent action and showing up day in and day out. Create a strategy and stick to it. Get help as soon as you can so that you’re not the one doing everything yourself. Make sure that you work on your mindset and fill your head with plenty of motivational audios to ensure that you keep your head in the game!

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About the Author:  Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

Chanelle’s background lies the design departments of top advertising agencies around London as well as for world-famous photographer, Mario Testino.

For over a decade, Chanelle ran a successful photography business in the UK and photographed weddings around the world including many exotic locations such as Bali, Santorini and Morocco.

Armed with new experience and qualifications, in 2016, Chanelle transitioned from photography and social media marketing to coaching female clients across the globe and hasn’t looked back. She now concentrates on coaching and consulting entrepreneurs as well as teaching via group programs.

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