Costly Ecommerce Store Mistakes

If you have been running an ecommerce store for a while now, you would already know how certain mistakes can cost you big.

Undoubtedly, selling products online is not an easy task. From uploading wrong product images to the poor check-out interface, a single mistake can make you lose your loyal customers.

Thanks to the people over at this could be a thing of the past. Check out their infographic below to stay up to date with the current trends in the ecommerce world.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at a few mistakes that you should avoid making.

Wrong Product Descriptions

It goes without saying that the product descriptions play an important role. Your customers cannot see and touch the product in person, so the only way they get to know more about it is with the help of product description.

Thus, if a cotton top is being labeled as rayon, or a 6-size footwear is being sized as 8, you’re surely going to lose customers by providing them a poor experience.

Including Products That Are Out Of Stock

So you are running an ongoing promotional campaign for discounted products. The products look great and are available at half the price.

But wait. Whenever someone clicks on the product, it says ‘out of stock.’ This tarnishes your brand image, and in some cases, customers do not return to your store as this kills their time.

Thus, it is highly recommended to keep your inventory in check and exclude the products which are out of stock. Further, make sure that your advertising campaigns are in line with your actual inventory.

Popups Are Irritating

After the customers land on your website, if they have to go through several survey forms to reach the product page, then chances are high that they won’t visit you again.

It is highly recommended to provide the best shopping experience to your customers and do not irritate them with something they are not looking for.

Complex Ordering Process

Last but not the least, make sure that the entire process of ordering the products is simple and easy. It is highly recommended to use the minimum text fields to display all the important information regarding the order.

Further, try to display all the information on a single page so that your customers don’t have to jump multiple pages to edit or modify their orders.

These were a few common mistakes that you need to stop making. Apparently, the ecommerce industry has evolved a lot over the last few years and there is no room for making a single error.

To learn about more tips and tricks for the ecommerce industry, check out the infographic below!


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