Why Is In-Store Shopping More Popular Than Online Shopping?

Some people just love shopping. Some hate it like anything. But whether you like it or not, none of us can live without it. Food, home supplies, and clothes are things all of us need.

At least nowadays we have more shopping options. You can walk into your favorite store and take your time picking things you need. Or you can order a month’s home supplies with just a few clicks while watching the favorite TV show.

No matter how convenient online shopping is, it is still far behind in-store shopping.

This is clearly visible in the infographic below created by RedBrain. According to it, all big brands earn more revenue through their retail than online stores.

For instance, in 2017, Walmart’s in-store revenue was $461.9 billion while online revenue amounted to just $15.316 billion.

There are many reasons why in-store shopping is still more popular. The three most important are explained below.

We Can Use All Our Senses to Experience Products

There’s a lot more to shopping than just deciding your preferences, comparing specifications of different products, and hunting for the best deal. Before consumers buy something, they want to make sure in all possible ways that the product is perfect for them.

We want to know how comfortable this mattress is, how the fabric of that new shirt feels, how this perfume smells, or how well that jewelry looks on us.

Such information can’t be obtained online.

We Can Buy Urgently

If you suddenly find that the shirt you were planning to wear for tomorrow’s interview doesn’t fit you anymore, only in-store shopping can save the day for you.

When you need to buy something at the drop of a hat, online shopping is just not an option.

We Can Get Much Needed Advice

If you need an informed second opinion about a product or want to understand how a technical product fits your need, talking to a store employee in person can help you acquire the necessary information and make an informed purchasing decision.

Have a look at the following infographic to see how all of this holds true from major brands. Although ecommerce stores are becoming increasingly popular, people still prefer high streets and malls.


Infographic from RedBrain 

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