Mind-blowing Internet Stats and Facts

Internet usage has been rapidly increasing over the last decade or so and with people looking to constantly upgrade their smartphones to the latest model, get the latest gadgets or wearables, the Internet is becoming even more accessible and easier to perform tasks on. People now want to do their shopping online, look for local businesses for services or products and interact with their friends using the Internet. You won’t be surprised to learn that Internet usage is at an all-time high but you may be surprised at the actual Internet usage statistics.

For example, over half of the world’s population are Internet users. There are over 3.2 billion social media users and over 3.5 billion Google searches happening every day. There are no signs of usage slowing down with companies investing more time and effort into their digital marketing strategies.

E-commerce has seen sales increase by 13% in just the last two years. So you can see there is huge consumer demand to be able to buy their products online as opposed to traditional shopping. There are over 1.8 billion websites in the world and Amazon alone attracts 133 million mobile users on its app. 80% of UK buyers will research products before they make a purchase, indicating the importance for businesses to have good digital offerings.

YouTube has become something of phenomena with over 1.5 million users logging on to watch videos covering anything from how to style your hair to music videos. Facebook is the fastest growing social media network having increased by 527 million users over the last two years. WhatsApp and Instagram are not far behind with an additional 400 million users over the last two years. The next big Internet-based trend to look out for is the use of commercial drones - it was estimated that there will be 600,000 in use by the end of 2018.

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