5 Office Fit-Out Ideas to Maximise Office Space & Boost Productivity

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by Victoria Hill

Even after hiring the best talents they are underperforming. Sounds familiar? This can be frustrating especially if you are a start-up company. You must be wondering why your employees’ productivity is low.

Well, the physical environment may be the reason for the low output. If the employees are bored, uncomfortable and unhappy, they are likely to underperform. Workplace design and fit-out have become one of the business success factors. Therefore, your office design should be functional and relaxed to boost creativity. Here are some office fit-out ideas for an efficient and productive work environment:

1. Add Some Colour

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If your office is lifeless and dull, do you expect your employees to maintain focus? It is time to ditch the traditional dull office and add some colours to the workspaces. Invigorating colours on the walls will keep those creative juices flowing. However, the trick is in choosing the appropriate colour scheme. You need colours that stimulate ideas and create a relaxing work environment. Blue is excellent for stimulation while shades of yellow and orange spark creativity.

2. Offer a Space for Conversations/Breaks

Create break-out areas for relaxing and brainstorming. Sitting on the desk for several hours has adverse effects on employees’ productivity. Encourage your staff to take breaks every couple of hours to unwind. Your office interior design should incorporate break rooms, lounge areas, kitchen, and conference rooms. The furniture and décor of the rooms should be inviting and comfy. A few minutes of socialising and re-energising will improve your staffs’ focus.

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3. Buy Quality Furniture

Investing in ergonomic furniture goes a long way in ensuring the good health of your employees. Sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good for the neck and lower back. The discomfort and pain lower concentration level. Getting adjustable chairs not only reduces back injuries but also improve productivity. With an ergonomic chair, workers can maintain a good posture. Therefore, they can work for extended hours without discomfort. Incorporating standing desks is one of the office design and fit-out ideas that can keep your staff energised.

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4. Check Office Lighting

Apart from causing fatigue, poor lighting can result in headaches and depression. Sufficient lighting creates the illusion of a spacious and bright office. Your workers’ mood also depends on your office lighting. Let in as much natural light as possible. Keep your windows open and clean to let in sunlight. However, if you don’t have enough windows, artificial lighting works just fine.

Task lighting ensures a well-lit workspace that is kind to the eyes. Therefore, employees can work for long hours without getting headaches. Also, the brightness level is adjustable. Consider installing task lighting to all the work desks for sufficient lighting. Shun overhead lights they create a dull work environment.

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5. Plan Space Layout Well

Office layout reflects your company's structure. Irrespective of the size of the office, the layout should allow smooth and efficient flow of work. If your employees work in teams and need to communicate regularly, an open arrangement is ideal. The plan will enable the sharing of ideas and high productivity. You can use partitions to improve privacy and have common areas for meetings.

Despite its benefits, an open layout may not be ideal for work that requires concentration. The noise can be distracting leading to low output. Private offices are perfect when one wants to focus on individual work. To maximise productivity, you need to go for a diverse office design fit-out by incorporating different work stations. You can have quiet work rooms and collaborative spaces.

A lively work environment keeps your staff happy and motivated. The work environment should stimulate creativity if you want to achieve high standards of output. Therefore, you should strive to give your employees the best work environment for optimum productivity.

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About the Author: Victoria Hill has been writing as a ghostwriter ever since she was in college. Her favorite topics are human development, business communication, modern and pop art, minimalism, and self-development.

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