How to reach your ideal client on social media

by Vala Vincent

Social media is an incredible tool to use that is capable of bringing an endless source of clients to your business. There are so many opportunities both paid and organic, yet, it only seems to work for select few. What’s their secret?

It took me a long time to crack the code. But once I did, I started seeing a huge upswing in my business. I was a higher end photographer. My clients paid 4 figures to get their photos done with me, and this was in the family niche where it is common to pay between $50 and $200. My secret, I knew my ideal client. I understood her very well and I spoke to her, both on my website and on social media.

Every photography business coach said that you must get your prospect on the phone to close the deal if you want to be in my price bracket. I didn’t. I made an email scrip that was so good, I never had to get on the phone. Created with my ideal client’s biggest pain point and solution in mind.

Understanding your target audience immediate need is key to success

In my first business I struggled for a while. It got to a point where I had to make a decision, is this a hobby or a real business. I made the latter decision. It was time to dig my heels in and get real. I got help. I got mentoring in business and social media. I was already technologically adept, and my education became for the first time useful. I got real. This led me from struggling to making an income. Then after a few fellow business owners I had been helping had told me I should become a business coach, and the realization that my clients were getting in the way of my marketing, I made the shift. Not to become a business coach, but a social media coach.

Social media has changed a lot in the last few years. It was easy to get clients from, until it wasn’t. I watched a lot of my fellow photographers go under when Facebook algorithm change came into place. Facebook was no longer giving organic reach to business pages. You now needed to pay. It was a huge hit on so many businesses that relied on Facebook to get clients.

You do not own social media

You see, you don’t own social media. It is a powerful business tool, when used correctly. You should use it as it is intended to be used. As a way to connect with your audience, with the added business goal of building your list. Social media has changed a lot. The purpose of social for business is to be a place to serve your audience, your future clients and your followers. It isn’t the place to advertise in every single post about your product or service. Leave that to the corporations, you know, the ones that are going under left and right.

Here are the steps to take to reach your ideal client on social media

Step #1

Understand your ideal client. Who is your target audience and above all, who do you want to serve? Get into detail. Who are they, give them a name, how is their day like? What do they love, what do they hate, who do they follow, are they readers, listeners or viewers, what are their hobbies, where do they shop and what do they care about?

Back to my photography business, it turns out the biggest issue my client was worried about was that their child would not co-operate and ruin the session. I addressed that in one sentence in my email: “on many occasions I have turned a crying baby not wanting to have anything to do with me and the camera, into a happy baby giving us lots of smiles and great photo’s”. I didn’t make this claim lightly, I had done that on many occasions, and I was confident in my ability to do so. But I nailed it. I even posted before and after photos of toddlers on the floor throwing a fit, and the smiling wall art quality photos I ended up getting later.

Find your client’s biggest pain point and address it. This is the core of your posting topic.

Step #2

Understand how social media works. It is a place where people hang out, socialize with friends and family. Voice their opinion on things, get support, get entertained and get educated. All platforms are different with different needs. Facebook for example should be treated like you are talking to your friends in your living room while Linked-in is more professionally inclined, YouTube is great for DIY or educational content and Instagram is fantastic for visual businesses such as restaurants, artists, tourism and more.

Just because the gurus out there are saying Instagram is the fastest growing platform that every business owner needs to be on, doesn’t mean your business should be there. If you are a finance consultant, you probably have no reason being on Instagram. Make sure you are putting your efforts into the right place, and always tailor your content with the goal of making a connection.

Step #3

Be consistent. I always advice quality over quantity. Don’t be on 4 different platforms at the same time when you clearly don’t have time for it. Pick one or two, then once you can afford to hire someone to do this for you, that’s when you expand.

Create a schedule. Pick 5 different topics based on your ideal client’s pain points. Make posts and other content based on that. Make the commitment of posting on your chosen platform at least once a day, 5 days a week. Out of those 5, only 1 of your posts should be a sales post.

Step #4

Get clear on your client’s journey. Remember earlier when I said that social media has changed in the last few years? This is where most businesses fail. They don’t create a journey for their clients. We are in such a hurry to get the sale, that we forget that all we are doing is pissing off our audience.

Make sure that the journey from cold audience to hot audience to sales is enjoyable. Here is an example:
Let’s say you are a service-based business such as a life coach. Your ideal client is professional women struggling to find balance between work, life and family. They are very busy and very overwhelmed.

You will find your client on Linked-in and your best way to nurture them is through a podcast. Someone this busy probably doesn’t have time to watch videos or read long articles, while they can listen to podcasts while driving.

Your client’s journey could be that cold audience finds you on Linked-in, they warm up to you with reading your native articles on Linked-in which has an invitation to your podcast. From the podcast they download your freebie that leads them to your email list. They are now your hot audience who know, like and trust you and are much more likely to buy your service when you offer it.
This is a client’s journey, and this is how your clients consistently come to you.

Step #5

Be humble and remember that your first job is to serve your community. You must give value before you can ask for the sale. There is nothing wrong getting paid for your expertise, your product and your hard work. You should. People buy from people they know, if you are constantly trying to sell to cold audience, before they are ready, you might as well be banging your head up against a wall. Imagine being at the grocery store and someone walks up to you and asks you to marry them. That’s what selling to cold audience is.

About the Author: Vala Vincent is a social media coach dedicated to help online entrepreneurs to master social media to reach their ideal client. Vala was an award-winning photographer who ended up realizing that helping other business owners run a sustainable business was her true calling. She is a firm believer that small businesses are the future and backbone of this country. She is very passionate about women’s rights and is honored to do her part in paving the way for the women of the future.

You can download her free guide on how to easily plan your social media content that reaches your ideal client right here:

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