Best Business Process Models for Content Marketing

by Alex Jone

In today's time, content marketing has become an important part of all kinds of businesses be it small, medium or big. Content marketing has now become the heart of businesses as it helps them earn a huge amount of profit. Customers will only visit your website and buy your products if they find something new and unique.

Few advantages of Content Marketing are:

1. Google finds your content favorable
2. Content marketing enhances the revenue of the business
3. Customers are attracted easily
4. It is not hard and hectic as traditional marketing
5. Content marketing helps in making people aware of your brand

Now we will come to the core of the topic i.e. Business Model of Content Marketing. Here we have discussed 7 Best Business Models.

1) Player - Contributory Content

This model is a starting stage for most of the businesses. It is a very big contributor to high demand and other communication strategies for businesses. This is the supporting phenomena for marketing. This model involves native advertising strategy which helps in spreading brand awareness amongst the target audience. After going through this stage, businesses go to Performer Model.

2) Performer - Excellence in respect to content

In the Processor business model, one team may take responsibility to handle the functions of the content and do not focus on the creation of content. Content function in many businesses can be very efficient and specialized and therefore the need for content strategy services arises. The content team may perform services in every field of the organization such as product, sales, marketing, etc.

3) Processor - Service Content

According to businesses, content marketing is a very integrated and efficient process. The model, whether occupied or self-made, the content team focuses on media platforms, marketing, communications which helps in increasing the sales of businesses. Moreover, the teams work on an autonomous basis but provide business values by reaching the core audience efficiently.

4) Facilitating Content

Content marketing is a very efficient facilitator to increase brand awareness of your business. In today's time, when businesses have adopted digital marketing as the major source of the business function, content marketing acts as a digital marketing virtual assistant in every aspect. Your website will attract users only if it has valuable and unique content. Websites which has captivating content are very successful in today's time.

5) Content as a source of Information

Content can be in any form such as a blog, video, article, etc. The major aim of the content is to make people aware of some valuable information. Content should help in solving any query or doubts of customers by providing relevant information which they are searching for. Try and convey information regarding every aspect of search and study of users. Try creating unique and informative content which can attract a sound number of visitors daily.

6) Content as enhancing the business operations

This business model is adopted majorly by IT and Development Firms. Most of the businesses offers website design an development services, to enhance the functioning of your business the best way is to provide SEO and Content Marketing Services. Customers become happy and satisfied when they get something extra. For, eg. when you buy a car, you get free service for years. This model can help you attract a lot of customers and can help you in increasing the revenue.

7) Content as a network

This business model involves minimum investment with a high revenue return in respect to content marketing. This model works as a service hub and spoke phenomena. One can hire and form a network of content designers or freelancers and provide them with tasks/projects as paid service from clients. Therefore, this business model can help in forming an efficient though not very big business operation that would become productive and will grow with minimum investment.

We have now clearly understood how the business model of content marketing works. Content marketing has now become the necessity of every business and is also a digital marketing virtual assistant. To stay in the rat race, businesses should adopt new trends and technologies and content marketing is one of them. Without Content Marketing, businesses have no future.

About the Author: Alex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, virtual assistant marketing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.


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