"Re-Inventing Business & Adventure" with Liz Galloway Founder of Wild Adventure Retreats on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Show #497

Topic: "Re-Inventing Business & Adventure" 

Liz Galloway shares:

-Steps to re-inventing yourself at any age 
-Why we shouldn't accept labels, less opportunity or ageism 
-Her inspiration for creating and hosting transformational retreats

Liz Galloway is an passionate entrepreneur who loves adventure. As an outdoor guide, and wellness coach she hopes to inspire fit travel and women's expeditions. She changes her hats as a writer, wellness instructor, consultant, retreat host, outdoor ambassador, and media PR curator, depending on the day. It's good to have choices.

She is the founder of the WildAdventures.Life site, that creates wellness retreats that include outdoor challenges, trainings, wellness coaching and inspires active and fit travel. It's a place to find inside travels and connections.

A storyteller at heart, her goal is to connect with the women seeking their own wellness and personal transformation. 

Read her blog post: "Profitable Passion Building; The Behind The Scenes Life Of Business In Travel"

Liz Galloway on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

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