5 Unique Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed

by Maia

Marketing is plastered everywhere from TV and radio to your Facebook feed. When it comes to marketing for your own business, it can be hard to choose advertising campaigns that are right for your business and brand. You want advertising that is as effective as it is unique. Check out these 5 unique ways to get your brand noticed.

Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media has heralded a surge of influencer marketing. Most common on Instagram, influencer marketing is a great way to get your brand spread to a huge audience. The most important part to note here is that this huge audience is willing. They have chosen, for their own reasons, to follow these Instagram influencers. The audience will watch influencer content with intent, allowing you to market your goods. Think of all the wasted costs of muted TV advertisements. Invest in influencer marketing and watch your brand outreach soar.

Social Media Competitions

Flowing from the same vein, running social media competitions can cause surges in your brand's popularity. Everyone wants to win something, right? People are always willing to part with their email for entry to a competition. Use this to get permission to sign them up to your weekly catalogues or blog for even further outreach. Instagram and Facebook competitions could involve the sharing of a post or tagging a friend, allowing your business to reach a wider audience than normal.

Consider starting competitions in real life too. Get the wider community involved. Also, it may pay exponentially in outreach for you to donate proceeds of community competitions to charity. This will help your brand to gain support from new and existing customers alike. Community involvements are also useful for spreading awareness. Allowing you to gain support from both existing and new customers with a passion for community work.

Go Against the Flow

You may make the mistake of imitating successful marketing campaigns of competitors. While it is logical to think that this should work for you too, it tends to help your competition rather than you.

Find your own niche and work with it. It can be difficult to find that perfect idea, but brainstorm ideas with those close to you. Your family, and especially children, can provide unique perspectives. So, let the creative juices flow! Don't let your competitors determine your pace, get out there and let people hear your voice.

Power to the People

Throw around the idea of letting your customers pay what they believe their experience to be worth. Although this isn't practical in every scenario, think of the implications.

This works best in the service industries, such as restaurants, salons, cafés and bars. Encourage customers to keep in mind their satisfaction with the service. This can be through their interaction with staff and appeal of the venue as well as the end purpose of their visit. The rationale behind letting customers choose the price, is that often they don't want to seem greedy or thrifty. Sometimes, they will pay more than what you would even charge.


Hosting Facebook or Instagram live-streams accommodates your viewers. You can answer questions from your audience up-front. It feels personal to each audience member, while acting as a conference or meeting to you. Real-time interaction is one of the best ways to build an audience and a larger group of customers.

There are so many unique ways that you can get the name of your brand around the town. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to protect your assets. Investing in insurance is a fail-safe way to put all worries at the back of your mind to keep your business at the forefront.

Author bio: Maia enjoys her freelance writing career in the sun-kissed city of Gisborne, New Zealand. When not busy with her freelance work, she loves to go for a relaxing stroll down the beach. Connect with Maia on Tumblr.

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