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by Alex Jone

Is it correct to say that you are looking to hire a virtual social media assistant ? Or. on the other hand, do you have one and you're considering how to get them ready for your business venture?

The contracting procedure was monotonous; I went through 200 applications for a Shopify General VA. I recorded a few things I required assistance with, and I needed to test them.

When we chose who to hire, we built up a technique in getting our VA onboard with our business venture.

This appeals to the solopreneur who hasn't constructed business forms for this activity.

1. Build up a Blueprint

My regular everyday employment before was doing construction project management. We never began constructing a house without a blueprint.

The blueprint will oversee the whole project. But, it is uncommon to pursue a design on-the-dab. In the construction stage, you are compelled to manage certain situations and modify.

But you need to recognize the significance of having a spot to begin.

You should make the blueprint for your business before employing your first VA. My wife and I mapped out pieces of the venture that we needed to designate. This isn't complicated. We didn't have forms that required complex workflows; it was straightforward with several IFTT (if this, at that point that).

In our organization, we give new hires several job descriptions. What I suggest is giving them an assignment list — make it specific. You can add to that a rundown as you check your VA's range of abilities.

2. A Piece in a Puzzle

I figured this wasn't essential as we were designating legwork. But, my wife said that it would allow her to comprehend the specific circumstances and significance of the undertaking.

Any business venture should esteem every one of their workers regardless of their position. A riddle won't be complete without a missing piece, irrespective of how little that piece is.

3. Make Shared Folders

Working with a VA implies you don't get the chance to meet them face to face. In our organization, it's merely my wife and I. We take a shot at digital files through a shared Dropbox folder, or we send them over Airdrop. But this is beyond the realm of imagination with a VA.

So, we chose to figure out how to utilize Google Docs and Google Drive. Indeed, we were that uneducated about the Google Suite.

Work with your VAs utilizing this shared folder framework. Assemble a drive where all your records will be located; you can give them get to but don't make them an owner.

This is the place we work from now.

4. Gain proficiency with a Screen Recording App

Figure out how to utilize a screen recording app. This is additionally my first time recording my screen to show our VA how to accomplish something. Regardless of whether it's tied in with bringing in an item in Shopify, editing images, or building a Facebook app — everything can be clarified with a screen recording app.

The primary programming we utilized was a web app called, Loom. This is beginner friendly, and anybody can use it. The issue with the app was that it continued getting cut off following ten minutes. I can't in any way, shape, or form clarify Facebook advertisements in ten minutes, so I needed to make sense of another app.

If you are a Mac client, I suggest using the Screenflow App. It has somewhat of an expectation to learn and adapt; but thirty minutes of watching two or three videos will give you information. This is the place we record all our tutorial videos for our VA.

5. Require Daily Checking

Tell your VA that you will record their screen while they work and that you will require a daily check in with them.

Recording their screen while the work involves rules. With our VA, we disclosed to her that we'd test it out for about fourteen days and check whether we would continue with it or not.

For me, it's not about the hours worked, but rather the results that they produce. It doesn't make a difference if they worked over eight hours of the day, but didn't get the right results.

The daily registration comprises of three essential questions — what did you accomplish, what issues would you say you are confronting, and how might I help you? Composing their daily registration will enable them to clarify their what they've done and let you see their day on a snapshot. Surveying several screenshots doesn't remove as regular reporting — you wouldn't comprehend a thing.

Try not to get threatened in enlisting your first VA. Regardless of whether it doesn't work out following one month. What's the most exceedingly awful thing that can happen? You'd lose some money. But, if they work out you'll have an additional forty hours of the week.

Your VA will never take care of business the first time through. So, it's your responsibility to instruct them regularly. There's a barely recognizable difference between somebody who's inept and somebody who knows as much as you do — know the difference. Before you decide, assess your  tutorial videos. Check if there was a misconception or confusion. We are synchronizing with our VA, even if we sometimes have miscommunications. But we are dealing with it.

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