8 Interactive Presentation Tools for a Successful Conference

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Attending conferences, meetings, summits, workshops and seminars have positive impacts on businesses. They offer an opportunity to meet new people and gain knowledge.

It takes the input of two parties to make a conference successful: the presenter and the audience. Audience engagement is much easier and more interactive nowadays thanks to communication technology. There is a variety of tools and apps designed for this very purpose, and they come with a host of varying and handy features.

Here is a review of 8 of the best interactive presentation tools.

1. BuzzMasters

BuzzMasters takes audience engagement to a whole new level compared to most other audience engagement tools. It is unique for its incorporation of actual human moderators who moderate responses from the audience in real time. These moderators are professionals who are either qualified journalists or experienced event managers. Their work is monitoring the responses coming from the audience and sorting the data for a more organized and professional appeal.

BuzzMasters, the moderators, can also draft new questions as the presentation goes on and prompt even more input from the audience.


2. eventScribe

eventScribe is a comprehensive live voting tool that comes with a wide range of additional functions. It gives both the presenter and the audience the ability to interact on a deeper level albeit on virtual space. Some of the capabilities offered to the audience members include posting comments and asking questions. The speaker can control the direction of the discussion at certain levels.

This app also comes with a presentation-sharing feature whereby the audience members can download and annotate presentation slides. Audience members also have a private networking space where they can hold discussions on a wide range of topics.


3. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is the best online voting tool by current standards. In fact, it is more than just a voting tool. It leverages the flexibility of technology to make conferences more interactive and successful. It comes with a wide range of features that every online conference need.

For starters, this app has a voting feature capable of tallying up to 30,000 votes per minute – this makes it especially ideal for large online conferences. The polling feature accommodates a wide range of surveys including multiple-choice questions, word clouds, rating scales, and even open-ended questions. What’s more, the surveys can be branded to reflect your conference or company for a more professional appeal.


4. swipe

Swipe offers all the typical features available in most virtual interactive presentation tools with a bit of greater finesse. It operates on a web platform whereby conferences get unique URL tools where presenters and audience members can interact. The web platform accommodates a wide range of capabilities including sharing files, providing commentary, and even composing a wide range of polls.

The unique feature about Swipe is its ability to share video files by embedding them from online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. This makes the presentation more interactive as videos provide better communication capabilities compared to slides and written documents.


5. Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics is an excellent app for interacting with the audience in real-time, one-on-one during the course of the conference. It is essentially an app that gives the audience’s phones the capability to function as microphones. This way the audience can pitch in on the topic of discussion directly and personally unlike most other tools that are mostly virtual. This leads to more productive discussions and, consequently, success. This app also comes with polling and commentary features. What’s more, the speaker gets to control the direction of the discussion through an iPad application that controls the communication platform.

The only downside of this app is that it is not suitable for remote conferences as the speaker and audiences have to be in the same room to interact.


6. Glisser

Glisser is one of the most dynamic interactive presentation tools in the market today, thanks to its variety of unique and convenient features. It brings the presenter and audience together at a greater level and also functions as a live voting tool.

Glisser gives the presenter the ability to reach more members of the audience with the app’s sharing tool – presenters can send slides of their presentations directly to members of their audience through a mobile application. The presenter can also craft surveys and polls of varying types, including multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Audience members, on the other hand, have the ability to like and comment on individual slides in addition to voting. They also have a private social media network where they can interact one-on-one.


7. Presentain

Presentain offers a variety of features convenient for both presentation and polling purposes. It is easy to use and ideal for remote conferences.

Presentain works with Google Drive to give presenters greater coverage. Presenters can share slides, PDF, and PPTX documents with their audience members live via a web platform accessible using a unique URL. The audience members can then view the files and make their own conclusions. They can also share interesting slides with each other and hold one-on-one discussions.

Presenters can also create live polls and get feedback about their presentations from the audience. Audience members can also ask questions in real-time.


8. Catchbox

Last on the list is Catchbox. It is unlike any other tool on the list. It also lacks some of the conveniences afforded by virtual technology, but it offers a fun way to interact with the audience.

Catchbox is essentially a microphone fit into a box. It is unique in that the speaker passes it on to members of the audience by throwing it – it is easier and much more fun than passing it around hand-to-hand. The audience members get to voice their opinions and throw the box back to the presenter. This additional aspect of fun makes conferences much more engaging and leads to success at the end of the day.



Holding a conference has never been easier as it is nowadays, thanks to these and more audience engagement tools. They offer a wide range of features that make it easier for presenters and audience members to interact, thus making conferences more successful.

Author Bio: Billy White is part of the writing team behind E88 Bangkok, the creative space features meeting rooms and seminar rooms in Bangkok. He likes to write about tech, lifestyle, freelancing, and how to free yourself from the typical 9-5.

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