Attract the Right Influencer With Content Marketing

Traditional forms of advertising just aren’t working any more. Over the past few years marketers have had to tap into their creative sides in order to dish out techniques for effective and modern marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one great way to do that. This type of marketing involves the creation and sharing of online content such as blogs, videos, pictures, and social media posts. These posts allow businesses to provide information quickly, simply, and in an aesthetically pleasing way.
While content marketing doesn’t necessarily push any products, it can help steer prospective clients to your brand. If done properly, consumers will be more easily persuaded when it comes to your actual marketing message.

Content marketing is relatively simple to pull off. All you need is a reliable content production team, which can be easily outsourced if you don’t have the team in-house.

Influencer Marketing

Using influencer marketing is another effective way to get your message across. Influencers are seen as regular people, and so, when they promote a product, it is often received as an honest, and authentic recommendation rather than just another advertisement.

Choose the right influencer, and you could get a return on investment of up to 520%.

The challenge with influencer marketing, however, is connecting with the right influencer. Ideally, all you would need is a great product that appeals to the influencer and their target market. The influencer would organically pick up the product, and recommend it because they loved it.

But, unfortunately, in the real world, it’s not that simple. Most influencers will promote products for a fee. If they really believe in that product, they might agree to negotiating a reduced rate, but, in the end, they will most-likely want to be compensated.

That is, unless you can come up with a way to bring your product to their attention without directly approaching them.

Why Not Use One to Hook the Other?

Instead of looking at content marketing and influencer marketing separately, start thinking of them as a dynamic duo. A great way to start collaborating with influencers is by aiming your content at your chosen influencer’s target market and what is most important to them. Do your research. Find out what lifestyle products they use, what causes they support, and what demographic they belong to.

You could write a blog post about a fundraiser for a charity that this specific influencer supports. You could also make a video in response to concerns that their followers have raised. The idea is that you want to be seen as a valuable resource, whether you’re paying the influencer or not. If you can get on their radar, they’re more likely to approach you.

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