Email Marketing Basics

In this economy, it’s never been more important to build a strong relationship with your prospects. You want them to have a great client experience, and to always have your company in the back of their minds. That way, when they, or someone they know, need your services or product, they won’t even hesitate.

Twenty years ago, that would have meant spending a fortune on fliers, direct mailing, adverts in the traditional media, and perhaps even booking a TV spot. Today, we have a lot more options. Direct mailing has been replaced with email marketing, and you can publish your own adverts for free on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

To help you get started, we’ve got a great infographic for you from the team at EveryCloud. They’re a company providing protection against cybercrime, and conducted the research to help improve their own marketing efforts.

They focused on email marketing and, as you’re bound to agree, the results were pretty interesting. Did you know that women are about 6% more likely to pay attention to your marketing message? That’s just one little parcel of information that you’ll be interested to learn.

Overall, the infographic covers:

  • Basic statistics about emails
  • How men and women react to emails
  • How email marketing performs
  • What the effects of automation on email marketing are
  • How email marketing impacts your revenue
  • What happens after someone opens an email
  • How you can improve your click-through rate
  • How different devices affect conversion rates
  • The return on investment for email marketing
  • Email marketing and the mobile user
  • The optimal time to send out an email
  • Why you should pay attention to personalization and segmentation
  • Creating subject lines that work
  • How email marketing measures up to social media marketing
  • How to get your emails marked as spam
  • Common mistakes we’ve all made
  • Trends that we’ll see developing

It’s basically a good grounding in email marketing. Check it out for yourself below.

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