Best Motivational Podcasts for Your Commute

With the end of 2019 approaching, you may be starting to feel the common sluggishness that comes with winter and the holidays. You may even feel a bit burnt out or unmotivated –– not to worry, we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been working hard at school or towards your career, it’s important to find ways to recharge and find the right motivation to end your year strong and start 2020 with a refreshed mindset. The best and perhaps the easiest way to go about this is to start building small but healthy habits now that you can use as a platform for next year’s goals.

To help, we thought this roundup of some of the best podcasts on personal and professional growth would make a great tool and resource. Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to make us feel motivated and inspired, especially if you don’t have the time to read through endless articles or books. They’re easily accessible and can be played while you’re on the go.

Search through this list to find a few that speak to your personal and career goals. The list includes both short and long-form shows featuring some of the most incredible thought leaders including Aubrey Marcus, Patrice Washington and Angela Lussier. Listen in for plenty of helpful and actionable tips to implement into your day-to-day and reignite your motivation.

Best Motivational Podcasts for Your Commute


Self Help Podcasts.

Personal Growth:

Personal Growth Podcasts.

Professional Growth:

Professional Growth Podcasts.

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