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About Kris Ravenscroft

Kris Ravenscroft is a seasoned startup executive and entrepreneurial mentor who is passionate about helping women shine in business and in life. Today, as Co-Founder of Beauty Gourmet, Ravenscroft is bringing a functional food, beverage and supplement company to market that is dedicated to making self-care easier for women so they can stay healthy and always look and feel their best with the least amount of effort.

A portion of Beauty Gourmet’s revenue proceeds from their Glitter® Tea collection is allocated to grants for fellow female founders, so they too have the opportunity to have their entrepreneurial dreams come to life. Ravenscroft also serves as an Advisor and Lead Organizer for Startup Boston, a volunteer-driven organization rooted in educating, celebrating and connecting the Boston startup community.

Prior to Beauty Gourmet, Ravenscroft and her husband had a successful exit of Phase One Medical, a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of Interventional Radiology and Vascular Access products. In her mid-20’s, Ravenscroft fell ill due to stress and burnout, which inspired her soon after to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and embrace the significance of making self-care a top priority, the beauty of allowing inner health to radiate out and ultimately, her mission to help other women do the same.

When Ravenscroft isn’t heads down in the office, she is a devoted dog mom to her goofy golden retriever Mya.

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About Beauty Gourmet

Beauty Gourmet®, an emerging women-owned functional food and beverage company from Cohasset, MA, backed by a passion-driven mission to make self-care more convenient for the busy modern woman so she can stay healthy and a social impact program seeking to foster equality in fund raising for female entrepreneurs.

Their flagship product, Glitter® Tea is a low calorie, low sugar, low caffeine sparkling drink in fashion-forward packaging and offered in three flavors: Grapefruit Ginger Green Tea , Black Cherry Rooibos Tea and Peach Vanilla White Tea. Currently available online for purchase by the case.

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Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Kris. Let's get started. Could you share how you got started as an entrepreneur?

Kris Ravenscroft: I'm glad to be here, Deb. My first experience with entrepreneurship was going into business with the florist from my wedding. He was just so talented and I knew that if I could give him the platform he deserved, the business would thrive and luckily I ended up being right. He was amazing.

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Deb: Are there any “lessons learned” that you’ve had along the way?

Kris: One of the biggest lessons I learned is to believe in yourself. People often times cannot see that you are doing something great and special if it is new. I can’t tell you how often we were told to not concentrate on “just” women and now people consider it one of our greatest strengths, or we were told we had to make our products look healthy and not glam and now people think that is fabulous. The biggest lesson I could share is that if you are giving people what they know they want, you might be too late. Sometimes, you want to be in the uncomfortable spot of giving people what they don’t know they want yet. That is when you are doing something new and exciting.

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Deb: I like the sound of that. So, who are your ideal clients?

Kris: Our ideal clients are women who love to take care of themselves, but most likely don’t have the time to do it as much as they want to. They could be stressed students, busy moms, super career women or a combination thereof. They like convenient, “better for you” options so they have all the benefits without any additional effort. Our secondary clients are women who are interested in the beauty and glam market.

Deb: What have been some of your successes and challenges?

Kris: I think our greatest success has also been our largest challenge. Most beverages that have functional ingredients mask those strong flavors by being overly sweet or flavored. We wanted a beverage that met women’s preferences, which we learned were low sugar, low calorie, low caffeine and low sweetness while still being light, refreshing and delicious. This was a challenge, but we took the time and I am excited to say that we have yet to exhibit at a tradeshow where people do not tell us we have one of the best beverages onsite.

Deb: That must be great to hear. What inspires you to do the work you do?

Kris: The demands being placed on women are nearly impossible to meet, and I think that is taking an unfortunate toll on our health. Something has to give. After I got super sick in my 20’s and was able to heal using natural remedies, I thought I would never let my health go to the wayside again. But, when I was steering my last startup, I was so busy that I stopped taking care of myself and became sick once more. After that, I knew something had to be done as the busy was never going away. We had to find a more convenient way to take care of ourselves, or women’s health was going to suffer over time. I believe that this is a serious issue we really need to be addressing.

Deb: I agree. Self-care is easy to neglect, unfortunately! That's another reason why your work is so important. What’s your vision for your business?

Kris: Our company philosophy is to infuse “beauty nutrients” into foods and beverages that women are already eating and drinking, allowing them to create an effortless foundation of wellness, and always look and feel their best. Thus, my vision is to create a portfolio of products that allows us to sneak effortless beauty and wellness into every sip and every bite of a women’s day, making her as healthy as she can be.

Deb: What advice would you give to women entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Kris: If a female entrepreneur was just starting out, I would tell her to seek out help from other women leaders. They should reach out to more successful entrepreneurs for mentorship, and find their village of female entrepreneurs at their same stage to use as a sounding board.

As a Lead Organizer for Startup Boston, supporting fellow founders is a personal passion of mine, which inspired Beauty Gourmet’s “Glam Leaders” program, offering grants that back fundraising materials for designated women entrepreneurs, so we can be part of the solution to create equality in female funding.

Deb: Speaking of self-care, what is your favorite activity to relax and unwind?

Kris: I love to spend time with my golden retriever, Mya. She is so human and makes me laugh and relax. Since we have moved into a condo, she has taken to stopping at the top of the stairs every time she goes out and won’t go continue on until I give her kisses, snuggles and ear rubs. She literally refuses to move. She just makes me stop during the day and remember to breath, be grateful and relax. 

Deb: What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Kris: I always had this fear of not being successful at a young enough age. So I would tell my younger self “23 is not old” and then I would tell my slightly older self that “29 is not the end of the world” and so on. Women are living their dreams and creating businesses into their 60s. Oh, and I would add at certain times that would be appropriate, “break up with that loser.”

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Deb: One more question for you. What do you think are the top 3 traits an entrepreneur must have?

1. The ability to make decisions: Well-informed bad decisions or good decisions will always lead you to your next step. It is indecision that paralyzes you as an entrepreneur.

2. The willingness to sacrifice. There are long hours in starting your own company and often your resources, energy and money can become drained. You have to be willing to make the sacrifices that lead to success.

3. Kindness and Likeability. I am not sure if that is a must have, but people tend to do business with people they like. So, if that is not you, it might be worth finding a co-founder with complementary skills who is more approachable and people-centric.

4. Passion, commitment and grit are of course old stand-by’s.

Deb: Thanks so much, Kris. Before you go, please let everyone know where to find you online. 

Kris: I enjoyed it, Deb! Here you go:

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