Women and Coding: How and Where to Start Learning to Code

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by Yazi

Coding is a sought-after skill in the tech industry, but its application extends to multiple industries. Many people jump on the bandwagon without learning the basics of programming.

They end up frustrated, and they conclude that coding is hard. While it is indeed a hard nut to crack, taking it one step at a time will make it less intimidating. Besides, there is a lot of fun learning a new way of communicating. So how and where do you begin your coding journey?

How to start learning to code

Whether you are studying for a job or improving your programming skills, you need to start with the basics.

• Familiarise yourself with computers

Before you embark on programming, it is vital to understand how the computer systems function. Understand the functionality of the computer and various programs. You should also understand how networks work. Grasping the basics will make it easier to understand the concepts that you will tackle later.

• Learn a programming language

Your reasons for learning how to code will help determine the programming language to learn. Most people start with C, C++, Python, or Java programming languages. Each requires commitment and time to understand the concepts. Whichever coding language you choose, take your time to get comfortable with it. You can learn several languages, but as a beginner, you should stick to one programming language until you are familiar with it.

Where to start learning to code

You have determined your goals and interest and picked the programming languages to help you achieve those goals. So, what next? Many people usually throw away the idea of learning a programming language due to the cost of tutoring or enrolling in a course. However, there are numerous free coding classes for women, which can get your foot into the programming world. Here are resources that will come in handy when learning to code.

• Free online coding courses

Women can take advantage of free online coding programs to learn to program. The online course guides novice coders on how to begin their journey. A few classes will help you wrap your head around the concepts of the programming language and their application. Most provide a fun and engaging way to learn, and soon, you will be building websites and creating mobile apps.

Some of the best free online classes include the following:

freeCodeCamp: A non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms for novice coders.

CodeCademy: An online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, and Sass, etc.

Coursera: Everyone knows Coursera. Most courses in Coursera are taught by university professors and professionals. You can take classes for free with an option to earn a certificate with a fee.

• Tutorials and textbooks

Coding is such a big topic. It is not the case where you can simply finish the course and become an independent coder. Aspiring coders with little experience will find online tutorials and coding reference books very useful when they have to do a specific project or task. For example, something like code translation, or how to edit PDF files with VB.Net. You can find a specific step-by-step guide to help you with such task while searching for online tutorial. If there isn't any guide available, you can throw a question in the forum. Be sure to check if anyone has asked the same question before. Also, try to display the fact that you’ve attempted to solve the issue by yourself before asking for help.

• Mobile applications

Programming requires constant practice to grasp the concepts and hone the skills. Women can perfect their coding prowess using mobile applications. Some apps provide basic knowledge on how to navigate programming. However, some apps like Encode are code editors, which help you develop error-free codes.

Some of the best apps include the following:

Udacity: This platform offers massive open online courses. There are many choices of coding you can learn, ranging from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and more.

Khan Academy: A non-profit application provides more than 6000 videos about the fundamentals of computer science, computer programming and computer animation.


• YouTube videos

Complex concepts may be difficult to grasp without tutoring. Luckily, there are dozens of YouTube videos that explain complicated concepts. Women can benefit from video tutorials since they illustrate coding in simple terms.

• Coding workshops

Programming is not a skill you learn in a single day. Therefore, you should attend seminars and conferences to build your knowledge and network with other women in the field.

Learning programming is both fun and satisfying. You get valuable skills that are useful in your career and life.

About the Author: Yazi is an inspired writer who enjoys writing about personal growth, self-help tips, and women's lifestyle.

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