Hack Your Chronotype to Improve Sleep & Boost Productivity

Optimizing a workday is mandatory for personal and personal success. In order to climb the ladder of an organization, one needs to be efficient and awake at all times. Once this is achieved, not only will your career grow, but you will enjoy the process as well.

However, one culprit above almost all others can hold us back: sleepiness.

Coming to work tired is a chronic condition for many in the workforce. Late nights are typical happenstance in today’s culture. People are getting home later and staying out later as well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — just as long as one knows how to adapt. Whether you have an international call or have to work late to get a project done, working smarter will save your sleep schedule and sanity.

Casper designed a flowchart meant to help you discover your chronotype and make the most of your day.

Everyone has a chronotype. Most people are a mix of different types but will lean a majority of the way towards a specific type. The four chronotypes are a Lion, Dolphin, Bear or Lion. Each animal describes what sleep pattern you have and how to make the most out of it.

For example, Wolves are those people who are late to rise but go can work best deep into the late night. In fact, if you’re a wolf, it’s most likely that your creativity gets a boost the later it gets. Typically, this chronotype is more introverted.

Lions are the opposite. Very charismatic but have a tendency to lose energy towards the end of the day, this type of person is almost always a Type A extrovert.

Wolves are suggested to schedule meetings after lunch, and lions are most on their game before.

Another helpful benefit to understand one’s chronotype is the ability to work smarter, and not necessarily harder. If possible, Dolphins should try to work out a schedule where they can come into the office a bit later, and leave a bit later. Bears need to understand when it’s quitting time and be ok with hitting the hay early.

Chronotype Chart

Infographic by Casper.com

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