Advertising Disclosures

So that you know where I'm coming from, here are disclosures about ads and posts on this blog.

Affiliate banners

This blog contains affiliate links which are used in some banners (on the blog sidebar) and in some post links.

I'm an affiliate for companies that provide services/products that I have used and can safely recommend to the readers of this blog. These affiliate links provide a small commission and help to keep this blog sustainable.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts will include a disclosure statement or label informing readers that the post has been created in collaboration with a third-party. As with the affiliate banners, I won't post or promote any product or service that I can't safely recommend to my readers.

Blog & Podcast Sponsorships 

Advertising paid for by third parties will be clearly indicated on the blog sidebar or on the podcast.

As with all other affiliate banners, reviews or sponsored posts, only products and services that align with the mission of the podcast and blog will be promoted, endorsed or recommended. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, send a query using the contact form in the sidebar.



In the case of any reviews of products, services or books, my opinions are my own. If I've received an item to use/read and review, I'll note that in the review.

Please note: Any reviews posted here will be based on my own opinions and not based on any compensation I might have received. 

If you'd like more information about the The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Act, read more here:

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